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Quality is a factor which is taken for granted, but at DM Metalloys Pvt. Ltd., we do not assume and do not presume. At DM Metalloys Pvt. Ltd. We take nothing for granted. Quality is our Prime and Most important concern and is taken care of with the highest priority.

The key to success in any business is through emphasizing quality and D M Metalloys Pvt. Ltd commitment to creating value for customers through technology makes it the leader in quality in the industry..

The Quality-in-charge reports directly to the Managing Director, thereby ensuring that the top management is made aware of any problems or issues that arise without it being diluted through the plant in charges.

Quality is being guaranteed by following the Global ISO Standards & Procedures.

We involve quality measures for all products at all levels.

We have set up systems, procedures and standards to minimize defects, errors and reworks to continuously improve quality levels. We have set up various procedures to test our products to ensure and improve their quality levels.

Supply material of right quantity and quality in a timely frame.

Continuous upgradation of employees through various training programs. We continue to train our staff and develop their knowledge of the industry.

Certification of quality standards – TUV India Certified ISO 9001:2008